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Dear Agency Professional,

The phone rings.

Your staff answers.

It’s a customer, calling with a question.

They chat for a few minutes. Your staff hangs up the phone.

And … it happened again.

Your support person failed to ask your customer about missing lines of insurance in the household — especially life insurance!

As a result, that golden opportunity to penetrate another account is long gone.

That opportunity to cross-sell new lines … a life insurance policy … financial services. Gone. Maybe for another year … maybe forever.

This is how your agency stays stuck in the mud, mired in mediocrity, banging against that glass ceiling year after year … failing to break through to the profit levels that you and your hard work deserve.

It’s enough to make you sick. Because every customer contact — handled correctly — is a chance to improve your relationship with customers, learn about their needs, and offer them protection.

Yet, for most Agents, about 90-98% of those contacts are LOST opportunities, because they fail to ask the right questions and set up a cross-sell. Even the best agencies miss up to 50% of those opportunities!

But, about 8 years ago, I found the answer …

Hi, I’m Allstate Agency Owner, Bill Eggar, from Odessa, Texas.

I consistently write $300,000+ in Life Insurance and Financial sales every year — by myself — without an EFS. I also write about 2,000 cars annually and have averaged about 1,100 Extended Business (EB) lines over the last several years.

My success today is a far cry from where I started! You see, I opened my doors as a scratch agent in 2002 – that’s right, right in the middle of the Texas mold debacle.

We had zero homeowners markets then, unlike today’s brokering opportunities in most states. So I had had to study the very best agents and start writing life insurance just to survive. Not only did I survive, I thrived because of my attitude, work ethic, and ability to network with the very best agents and persuade them to share their secrets.

As my wife likes to say, I’m not a smart man. But I do know what works. And I’m pretty good at building systems around good ideas. Which is how a strange and very simple system was born …

The Notorious Green Sheet ProcessTM
— How It Began

In 2005, I started paying extra attention to what my Support Staff said to customers. I wrote down how long a typical service call would take … exactly what my staff said when customers visited … I even tiptoed down the hall to eavesdrop on their phone calls without them knowing it!

All that spy work paid off.

I started to see patterns. I discovered that my customer service staff took too much time processing everyday requests, like change of cars, billing, etc. … and they did only an average job of seeking out and asking for sales opportunities.

So I started tweaking my customer service process workflows. And I created an easy-to-use “cheat sheet” for my staff to uncover more sales opportunities — without selling.

I dubbed it, the “Green Sheet ProcessTM” because it’s all boiled down to fit on a single sheet of green paper. Why green? So I can see, at a glance, if my staff is working the system.

Also, green is the color of money. The Green Sheet itself has nothing to do with writing more business. The secret sauce is HOW THE SYSTEM WORKS and the 3 simple steps behind it.

That’s important. The process may appear simple, but so does shooting a free throw or sinking a 6-foot putt. The parts you don’t see are the training that goes into the process. The Green Sheet will not work by itself. It cannot work by itself.

But, done right, the Green Sheet helps deliver great customer service, based on promises made and kept to your customers. At the same time, the process uncovers other insurance sales opportunities in the household, plus the all-important life insurance and retirement needs!

In fact, you may have already heard about the Green Sheet. There are hundreds of Allstate Agents using it “the right way,” as I’ve taught them in person. With the right training — from me — the Green Sheet Process unlocks the full potential of any Allstate Agency.

That’s why I decided to capture and “clone” my best training efforts.

So I brought a camera crew to my office in Odessa. We filmed my staff and me in action, using the process exactly as we do every day. For one entire day, we videoed my staff and me going through the Green Sheet Process from start to finish – from the customer call coming in, to me breaking down every step of the call and why it works.

You and your staff get to see and hear every important step of this winning system. Imagine how it will feel to produce more new business from the same customers you have now! 

Most important, however, are the results that Agents and Agency Owners are getting with my Green Sheet Process. Even I was a bit stunned by comments like these …


Green Sheet Helps Rookie Rank in Top 10 for AF and P&C!

“I purchased a large agency in September 2013. I had never worked in the insurance field before that time so my learning curve was PAINFUL! I purchased the Green Sheet process and listened to all the CD’s and read the entire workbook and program.

“As a result of what I learned from Bill, I won the fall promotion sponsored by my region and was in the top 10 in the state in AF production in my THIRD MONTH as an insurance agent. The following month I also broke into the top 10 in the state in P&C production as well. Not bad for having never sold ANYTHING before in my life!”

Kristin M Matthews, Agency Owner
Allstate Insurance – Riverton, UT

Green Sheets Have Changed Our Lives!

“We have seen drastic improvements. The Green Sheets have changed our lives – literally. It has changed our customer service for the better. We have checks and balances which we never had before. It has streamlined our customer service to 2 hours per day – with only 1 CSR. It has created an environment where she is selling! We’re so excited.

Teresa Tangorra, Tangorra Insurance Agency
Farmers Insurance – Cedar Park, TX

61% Increase in Monthly Items and 3x as Many CPRs!

“The Green Sheet Process is absolutely amazing! We increased our monthly item count by 61% over prior year. I had 3 times the amount of “butts in seats” (CPRs). Our SPL also increased 65% over prior year. This was a great investment in my agency!”

Dawna Vince, Exclusive Agent
Allstate Insurance – Las Cruces, NM


$300,000 Annuity and $15,000 AF Credit

“A customer called in and I happened to answer the phone. We made some endorsement changes to his auto policy and when most agencies would have thanked him and hung up, I went a little further.

I bought the Green Sheet process a few years ago but really didn’t implement it in my agency 100%. I have a Green Sheet pad on my desk so I started to go through the process with him and by the end of the questions I had found out this customer was retiring this year and had a 401k that he wasn’t sure what to do with it and it had been a worry to him because he had no guidance. I set a meeting for him to meet with my EFS which he did.

The result is a $300,000 annuity and $15,000 AF credit. More importantly, my customer is very happy with the planning we were able to provide him and he feels very confident about retiring this year.
If I wouldn’t of used this simple green sheet I wouldn’t have been able to uncover his need and provide him with a solution that benefits all parties involved.”

Kraigg Knary, Agency Owner
Allstate Insurance – East Moline, IL


12 Life Apps in 6 Weeks! Amazing!

Once we implemented the Green Sheet Process in our agency we wrote 12 life applications in the first 6 weeks. Amazing ROI. It works just like Bill Eggar said it would if you follow the process.”

Sean O’Donohoe, Agency Owner
Allstate Insurance – Galveston, TX


The Green Sheet Paid For Itself Many Times Over!

“Your very best customers may only call in once or twice a year for service. The Green Sheet Process is a surefire way to turn these service calls into sales leads. The Green Sheet Process has paid for itself many times over in the life leads and cross sales it has generated in our office since we installed it!

Paul Phaneuf, Agency Owner
Allstate Insurance – Tampa, FL


With The Correct Training, Everything Changed!

“We were given a ‘Green Sheet’ and a 3-minute talk on how to use it. This version of the Green Sheet had been altered in order to ‘improve’ it. This would result in quoting a boat, and never finding out about the 2nd home, the business, or the fact that the spouse just changed jobs.

Once I got the real Green Sheet program and the correct process in place, everything changed. We now have specialists for sales and service, and our service specialists use the Green Sheet process as outlined by Bill Eggar and his staff in the program.

“The result is that we don’t leave anything undiscovered any longer, and we have many more opportunities to help our policy holders with their total asset and liability protection and their retirement planning. Thanks for making this process available to me.”

Brad Lineberry, Exclusive Agent
Allstate Insurance – Kansas City, MO


Who Is This For?


It’s a no-brainer, really. I don’t care how seasoned or how good you are at selling Life Insurance or cross-selling your book of business, every Agency Owner can and should use this process. It’s about leveraging a system — taking a proven process and making it available to every person in your office.

Just like how the McDonald’s system can turn high school kids into store managers, the Green Sheet Process can turn your support staff into profit makers. It’s all in the system.

If you’re brand new without any customers, this process can be your ticket to the top. You can’t afford to pay me to sit in your office for the day and teach you 20+ years of hard-won tricks and tips. But with the Green Sheet Process, you don’t have to.

If you’re a seasoned pro and think you’ve “seen it all” … well, think again. The very best are always looking for that little extra edge. I’ve put 8 years of my life into this system, which lets me manage 4 offices and nearly $15 million in premium.

Why wouldn’t you let me share my secrets with you? Especially because you can get them for free, if you choose.

Warning. This is NOT for everyone …

If you’re stubborn and insist on figuring everything out for yourself, this is not for you.

If you can’t understand the concept of “Money Loves Speed,” or you’re not willing to try something new, I wish you luck. This won’t help you.

Here’s What You Get

productcartThe Green Sheet Process™ is 4 video DVDs and 5 audio CDs of my staff and me demonstrating exactly how to use this simple, powerful, 3-step system.

You also get a Data Disc of all materials, sales scripts, and everything you need to make it work in your agency. It’s all there at your fingertips.

Plus, you get an Action Guide and Workbook with every word of the videos and audios transcribed on paper. It’s perfect for you if you prefer to learn by reading.

And — this is important — you get access to your own Green Sheet Success Coach. That’s right. You get live, personal help from one my of my trained support staff. You’ll never be stuck wondering what to do. Not with your own Success Coach to guide you — by email or phone. This extra support virtually guarantees you’ll profit as FAST as humanly possible from the Green Sheet!

Why go to all that trouble to show you my system on video … record it on audio … transcribe every word on paper … then give you free added support with your own Success Coach?

Because the Green Sheet Process is forever connected with me and my name. That means I cannot and will not compromise quality.

For a small investment of only $1.09 a day, you can learn the same secrets that turn every customer call or contact into a sales call. The same secrets I’ve used to churn out millions of dollars in extra premiums for my 4 agencies. What would that be worth to you?

Well, you can get them all for FREE, if you choose.

That’s because your small investment of only $397 is protected by my …

Texas-Size, Ironclad Money-Back Guarantee

It’s simple. After you receive your copy of my Green Sheet Process in the mail, try it out in your agency. Watch the videos. Use the phone scripts. Hand out Green Sheets to your staff. Follow the process.

If you’re not 100% convinced that you will earn at least 10 times your small initial investment this year — and every year after — send it back within 60 days for a full, no-hassles refund.

It’s not every day that information like this comes along. This is your chance to “meet” face-to-face and be trained by an insurance pro who can explode your profits and help you get your life back.

You have absolutely no reason NOT to get this winning process today.

green sheet boxLook, I know you bear heavy responsibilities. Many of them. You can’t listen in on every phone call or customer meeting your staff has with customers. Instead, you must trust in the tools and training you’ve given your team to help them meet your goals.

The Green Sheet Process is a proven combination of tools and training — the only system of its kind. Developed by an Allstate Agency Owner, for Allstate Agency Owners, and proven to work by Allstate Agency Owners.

When you look in the mirror or discuss your agency with your spouse, you want to be 100% sure that you’ve done everything possible to help your staff make their numbers. Having me — the creator and #1 trainer of The Green Sheet Process — in your corner guarantees that you’re doing everything that can be done. Especially when there’s a risk-free, money-back guarantee to support you.

One last thing: I have a busy agency with 4 offices to run … and I’m making millions following my own Green Sheet process. So I don’t have an urgent need to practically give away my secrets to everybody and their brother. In fact, in the very near future, it won’t make sense to.

There will come a day when I either pull this system off the market, or increase the price to its true value of $5,000 — or more. That day is fast approaching, as I approach my retirement.

Please take action and request your risk-free copy today, while you can.

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To your success!


Bill Eggar
Allstate Agency Owner
Creator, The Green Sheet Process


P.S. — A funny thing happened while the cameras were rolling in my Agency office …

I got on such a roll documenting my Green Sheet Process that we decided to keep going.

So, we also documented my Yellow Sheet Process for the first time ever. Now, you need to understand. Seeing my Yellow Sheet in action is like seeing a 20-point buck in your backyard — RARE. Because this Yellow Sheet Process is the same system that turns CPRs into new sales more than 95% of the time. I also created an audio CD to guide you and included a template of the Yellow Sheet for you to copy and use.

That bonus video training, with a Yellow Sheet template and full instructions, is a value all by itself of at least $500. But I don’t have the time or desire to create another product (remember, I have a multi-million-dollar agency with 4 offices to run) so I decided to include it as a Fast-Action Bonus with your order of the Green Sheet Process today.

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P.P.S. — You get it all, at a savings of $400 off the list price.

The Green Sheet Process on 4 video DVDs, 5 audio CDs, a Data Disc of all materials, the Action Guide and Workbook, plus free support from your Green Sheet Success Coach.

Plus, with your order today, you get the Yellow Sheet Process — a very real $500 Extra Bonus — FREE.

And you cannot make a mistake here, thanks to my unconditional money-back guarantee. Because my name is on the line with every order. I have NO unhappy customers, and I won’t start with you.

Don’t wait. Take action now.

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